Pray for ISIS

Below is a quote from M.K. Gandhi . Though I am not big fan of him, I think this one is quite remarkable.


Something is bad can’t be an excuse for me to be bad. When that happens , I get angry , I become bad , I become evil . I become the exact same thing I am trying to fight against. The point is I don’t have to an evil to fight against the evil such as ISIS. So Gandhi is right.

Here is another way to fight ISIS and you don’t have to go to Syria. It’s possible.This is not my idea. I read this in some book one or two years ago. I tried to find it online again but no luck. If you happen to know this , please write it in comment. The idea was this ” Hardly any one prays for bad people even though they are the ones in dire need of prayers”

What would you do if some one close to you lost the path in Sahara desert ?  You will pray for him/her that he finds a path to home. What would you do if some one close to you chose to get lost in Sahara desert ? Again you will pray for him that he realizes that what he/she is doing will leads to only nothing. And you will pray that he comes to home, won’t you ?

We are a part of cosmic consciousness. You and me may have different body. But our consciousness is just a part of “the consciousness”.  That is we are connected. I am related to you. You are related to me. We all belong to the ultimate power behind this cosmos. We are a family.

People such as ISIS are part of us, who somehow lost the path towards home. Or their minds have filled with so much hatred that they can’t see the path. Jesus said like this  “Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.” Exactly my point. The souls which are suffering need prayer more than any one else. Let’s pray for ISIS. Let’s pray for every ill soul on this planet. They need to be cured. They need to be healed. Let’s pray for them .

How praying helps?  This is what you can do at spiritual level.  When you pray you send waves into universe. When every person on planet says ” ISIS is bad.” We all send negative vibe to them which add more fuel to the fire. And then ISIS do more bad things. Then again we say ” ISIS is worst”. And you see my point.

How about we try something positive ? We have power to affect their minds with positive vibe/waves. Let’s pray for them. We want to communicate with the soul deep inside them which is part of cosmic consciousness or God. It is still there. Let’s pray for these lost souls.

One more thing I am not saying we should stop physical war against ISIS. That would be foolish. But with this idea , we can END it sooner.

As Lord Krishna would say at the end ” Just give a thought “

Lord Krishna says….

        Second name of future is struggle. If a wish in our heart doesn’t get completed then we make another wish for future. And we often dream about it getting completed in future. But life is neither in future nor in past.

Life is a name of this moment. That is : Experience of this moment is  nothing but experience of life.  However in spite of knowing this, we don’t understand such a simple truth.

Instead either we cling on to past or we keep dreaming about future. And ……. life ( Lord Krishna smiles ) goes on.

If a simple truth we accept in our heart that is we can neither  see future or can create it. The only thing we can do is with courage & patience we can welcome the future. We can hug our future. Then don’t you think every moment of life will get filled with life? Please think yourself.


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Awareness is the first step…..

Solveig Werner

Last week, I read the postThe Thing All Women Do That You Don’t Know Aboutby Gretchen Kellyand an avalanche of memories came back. Not just this post triggered them, there is also the fact that recently I have been thinking a lot about teaching, good and bad methods, about teachers good and bad. So I had already thought about the bad and the amazing teachers I had in the past. But I had not though about the elements that made some bad teachers horrible, until I read the post I just mentioned.

How many women remember the teacher that made them uncomfortable? The teacher that made them pick up the turtle neck sweater they dispised so much? How many girls still do this today? Howmany bad grades are the result of being scared of a teacher?

I remember a gym teacher I had in high school, he…

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