How Insignificant we are…….

Here is a thing.

The entire universe can be divided into three parts:

  1.  Ordinary Matter ( We are here) => 5% 
  2.  Dark Matter => 27%
  3.  Dark Energy => 68%

You might think , look 5% is not that bad. Not true.

Hold on. You know , what that 5% contains ? Almost entire “known” universe. That includes billion of galaxies, stars, planets like Earth.

I don’t know may be we are like 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 % . And that is very significant, isn’t it ?

Nope, my maths teacher said you can assume that thing as ZERO or NOTHING.

Hello, we are not only insignificant but also nothing in the scale of the universe.  * sound of glass broken*

One more thing, there is a possibility that ours may not be the only universe. Oh my God Unknown, are you insane ???

And here on this no–one-cares-if -it-exists-or-not-planet we are killing each other for “world dominance” .  What an ignorance !

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