The Breath of the Universe: Hindu Philosophy

Hinduism predicts about multiverse too. May be in old days, they(Rishimuni) knew more about this “life” than we do. Though no need to take anything at face-value but why not give this one a chance as much as science?


Carrying on with my theme of “The Infinite Breathes Me” here we have a Hindu perspective. Stephanie

According to Hindu Philosophy, the universe (or Multiverse) had no origin, but always has been and always will be, but is perpetually in flux. Space and time are of cyclical nature. This universe is simply the current one, which is in flux and constantly changing, when it finally ceases to manifest, a new one will arise. This concept is also accepted by Buddhist DharmaIn a number of stories from the Puranas the continual creation and destruction of the universe is equated to the outwards and inwards breaths of the gigantic cosmic Maha Vishnu.

Hindu scriptures hold that Lord Vishnu, the protector and caretaker of all creation, sleeps in the middle of a vast ocean on the giant snake Sheshnaga. When the cycle begins, Lord Brahma is born out of the ‘Anda’, an allusion…

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