New Experience : Red Wine

I used to imagine like what could it be like to  eat & drink wine. I could have done it in India but I promised myself to try something like that only when I go to abroad.

Finally I tried it. Few days before I bought a bottle of red wine. Why red ? I don’t know may be because red sounds interesting ,right ?

But I could not taste it because I didn’t know there is something like “corkscrew” exist 😦

So yesterday I went to City enter and brought one.  And Pizza too 🙂

Then I learned how to open a wine bottle using corkscrew and how to bake frozen pizza in electric oven . Thanks YouTube ! . Did I tell you while doing this I was kind of extremely hungry ? LOL

Now it was a time for wine. My first official alcohol consumption. Please don’t tell my parents about this… 😛

I took one sip. It was BITTER. It tasted like cough syrup, which I hate. And we are done with wine at least Red.

I mean I was expecting “divine” experience with first sip of wine. Actually I have seen some people says like ” Oh my god. What a taste ” and blah blah. And I am like ,” You fooled me into this !”

Any way , I am happy that I tried. But not sure I will go for another sip of that bottle. May be I will try to cook something with it. Again I heard something like that. Fingers crossed !

I am kind of Pro-Sweet(taste) person. And that’s why I like Cola more than any other drink.

Any way , if you have any suggestions about wine thing , let me know. Thanks for reading 🙂






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