Secrets of success by Lord Shiva

  1. Firm Determination : No matter how people react around you whether they praise or criticize you. Whether philosophy says you are good or bad , you should not deviate from what you started. You should complete what you started.
  2. Shraddha : This is very old vedic word. “Shrad” means recognized status of veracity . “dha” means movement towards it .  That is when you decide your goal then all your energy /resources must be directed towards it.
  3. Guru: “Gu” means darkness in psycho-spiritual space. “ru”  means dispelling agent. So Guru means someone who dispels you from darkness. You must have reverence for your Guru.
  4. Metal Equilibrium: You must not suffer from any inferiority complex, superiority complex or complex of helplessness -despair.
  5. Self restraint: Without self control , nothing concrete can be achieved.  So you must learn to control yourself.
  6. Primit’hara : “pramita” means balanced and ” ahara” means food.Eat healthy food not only for your body but also for mind as well as spirit.


This info. I got from a video on YouTube just few minutes before .  There is so much knowledge in Hinduism. I am ashamed that I am still an ignorant Hindu  who doesn’t know what level of knowledge his ancestor left thousands years ago. I think I should stop calling myself Hindu , I don’t deserve it. Just because I was born in Hindu family , I don’t become Hindu. Hindu is not a label ,  it is state of human consciousness which you can achieve over a time. And one day, I will earn the title . Hopefully before I die.

2 thoughts on “Secrets of success by Lord Shiva

  1. Thank you very much for posting this. Just now you wrote that Shiva said one should not suffer from inferiority complex, but now you are saying that you are not a good Hindu. 🙂
    In my eyes, the fact that you are aware of your ignorance about HInduism makes you a good person. 🙂

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