Horrible Teachers No Girl Wants To Have

Awareness is the first step…..

Solveig Werner

Last week, I read the postThe Thing All Women Do That You Don’t Know Aboutby Gretchen Kellyand an avalanche of memories came back. Not just this post triggered them, there is also the fact that recently I have been thinking a lot about teaching, good and bad methods, about teachers good and bad. So I had already thought about the bad and the amazing teachers I had in the past. But I had not though about the elements that made some bad teachers horrible, until I read the post I just mentioned.

How many women remember the teacher that made them uncomfortable? The teacher that made them pick up the turtle neck sweater they dispised so much? How many girls still do this today? Howmany bad grades are the result of being scared of a teacher?

I remember a gym teacher I had in high school, he…

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