Dear Introvert girls: Please join OkCupid

Otherwise I will die alone. Then, I will turn into a ghost and will destroy every book on this blue planet along with coffee/tea and chair & sofa. You know what I mean. You also need to make a move too.Because I can’t come inside your room to meet you, can I ? Your sacred palace guarded by Z+ security. Well, I CAN break it for YOU. But let’s try civilized way first. Ok then,  see you on other side. Yes , I could tell. 





3 thoughts on “Dear Introvert girls: Please join OkCupid

  1. This is an entertaining post. It was funny when I read the post title I showed my boyfriend and we had to laugh. I am introverted and me and him met on OKCupid. It can be hard to find good people on that site. You generally have to sift through the crazy ones. Good luck!

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