Trump IN and Bernie OUT !!!

I hereby withdraw my support to  Bernie Sanders in immediate effect and I would extend my full unconditional support to Republican Candidate Mr. Donald Trump. Trump 2016. This is happening !!!

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I still like Senator Bernie Sanders but he is too “soft” & “weak” for the position. We want someone “tough” in the White House or it’s OVER.

Why did I support him earlier? I have no shame in admitting that I was ill-informed by “Pro-Muslim” mainstream media by constantly calling “GOP debate” as “Circus”. I am not happy that I allowed such brain washing to affect me to such extent that I didn’t give GOP a chance. It is time to hear THEM !!!

It is matter of utter shame that 90% media in India & America is “pro-Muslim”. Trust me , we are going to do something about it VERY SOON.

I support “complete shutdown” by Donald Trump. You may not like his “tone”, may not like his “hair” but HE IS THE ONLY MAN WITH BALLS !!!!

I don’t give a shit about ” politically correct”. We don’t need that kind of shit in the White House.

He doesn’t simply care. He is not afraid of speaking the truth. That’s where he got my support.

Democrats usually say, ” Republicans can’t even accept the term ‘Global Warming”.

My question to such “smart-ass” is  ” Can you even utter term ‘Radical Islam’ ?”

Enough is enough. USA is not “dumping ground”for other nations’ shit. The states has every right to choose whom they allow & whom they don’t. The security of Americans take HIGHEST priority  over ANYTHING.

We MUST look into what is happening in Mosques. Why Muslim youth gets easily radicalized ? Who is provoking them ?

If needed install security cameras inside. Do routine checkup. Ban of “radical ” sites. Punish them heavily. Use trackers.

Make USA safe again . Make USA great again.

I heard that Hilary is beating Bernie in many states.Please  read this . My humble request again …last time.

And if you vote her in primary or general then please buy a tissue paper as well because we are going to beat her so bad…. sooooo bad. So Bad.

That’s it.My mind & spirit is already in USA. My body will reach in 3 years. Till then keep fighting for such a wonderful nation. DO NOT BLINK !

God bless you all & may God bless the USA !!!










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