Fucked Up Society

The world can be divided into two parts:

  1. White & Non-White    The Society in favor of : White
  2. Rich & Poor    The Society in favor of : Rich
  3. Beautiful/handsome & Ugly  The Society in favor of : Beautiful/handsome
  4. Extrovert & Introvert The  Society in favor of : Extrovert


I wonder how many people our society has fucked up just because “genetic lottery”.  However what bothers me most is people who have been fucked are not destroying such a society.

Instead crying in a room or cursing your fate , how about AWAKENING THE FORCE.

If a society fucks you just because you loose “genetic lottery ” , you FUCK back harder. You gather the similar minded people & destroy the society. Why should you play by rules when the entire game is twisted to support selected few ? Why ?

Whatever biased exist should be destroyed with utmost brutality.  No more crying. No more tears. No more suicide. No more begging. No more failure.

Are you ready to send the disturbance in the force ????




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