Radical Islam:The EVIL we face

Just now,  I heard that three Muslim youths from Mumbai left to join ISIS.

This is what Jihad can do. And they dare to ask us why we don’t trust them ?

Radical Islam,the most sophisticated threat humanity is facing now. Look at history of these barbers.  It is horrendous. It is beyond imagination.

It’s not about India. It is about every country on this planet. The EVIL has arrived.

It has arrived in your nation. It has arrived in your state. It has arrived in your city. It has arrived in your building. It has arrived in your neighbor.It has arrived in your kids’ school.

It wants your blood. It is hungry to destroy your religion. It wants to create caliphate.

It already started working on your death warrant. It is smiling. It knows you are helpless. It knows you are busy being politically correct. It knows you are afraid. It knows you are coward. It is laughing at you.

Not sure about the world. But Hindus know how to destroy the evil. We are aware. We are determined to clean our land. We are just waiting for first strike. We had enough pain . But not now. We will eradicate this cancer. We will destroy radical Islam inch by inch. The death warrant has already been signed.

Har Har Mahadev.



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