Lord Krishna Seekh….


” Ancestors’ desire, ambition, anger, enmity, revenge ; these things become inheritance for next generation.  Parents want to give their offspring  every happiness in the world but they actually give them lot of sufferings.  Want to give Amrit(Immoral) but give them a glass of poison ( death) too. Just think about it.

What have you given to your children till today ?

Of course you gave them love, knowledge , wealth. However along with those, haven’t you given them a predefined mindset which corrupts their mind?  Haven’t you given predefined definition of good and bad?

Fights between people, communities , nations ;  aren’t they because of the mindset ?

Killings , death , bloodshed ; aren’t they because of the mindset ?

That is , parents give their offspring a gift of life as well as death.

They give light of love as well as darkness of hate.

Darkness whether it is of mind or heart or real can only produce FEAR. Only FEAR.

Think about it…

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