Hard to change beliefs?

confirmation bias
  1. the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs or theories.
    Also giving high importance to evidences in support of your belief and giving less or zero( discard) importance to evidenced against your belief.

Hypothetical discussion with a Muslim friend (X) :

Me : ” What do you believe?”

X: I believe that  Islam is the best religion.

Me: “Ok, how does that make you feel ?”

X: “It makes me happy everyday . Especially when nothing works for me. It picks me up ” ( I can see happiness on his face)

Me: ” That’s great. But why do believe it(the belief)  ?”

X: ” Because my father told me.  I think he is never wrong ”

Me: “Let me great this straight , you are happy because you believe in something . And your belief comes from  your father who you think is trustworthy or never wrong”

X: ” Pretty much”

Me: ” What if someone shows to you that in fact your father is not trustworthy ?”

X: ” That could mean what he says may not be true”

Me: “So?”

X: ” That could mean Islam may not be the best religion.”

Me: “So?”

X: ” That means my belief could be false.”

Me: ” How would that make you feel ?”

X: ” Very sad. ”

Me: ” Will you try to find/ accept an evidence that is going to make you sad ?”

X: ” Never”

( Conversation ends)


Why Islam as an example ?

Because I am trying to understand why can’t we have rational debate with most Muslim people ? Why in spite solid contrary evidence they keep saying ” religion of peace” ? Why are they so blind to things which are so freakingly apparent to us ?


This conversation is just tip of an iceberg. There are too many of them. Think about it.




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