People I want to Meet (Entertainment)

  1. The only person I can relate to. 1000x74015

  2. I smile every time I see this man . LEGEN …. wait for it .4243824-3482981410-936fu

  3. Tough, Daring , Professional but still good at heart S02E07P10_Harvey

  4. Comedy King . Enormous amount of talent. Charlie-Sheen-charlie-sheen-32126693-1280-800

  5. Phenomenal actor. In the movie : Inception , he nailed it. leonardo_dicaprio

  6. What a magical talent ! Nothing goes unnoticed .sherlock__steven_moffat_interviews_benedict_cumberbatch-2140489

  7. She is breathtaking , isn’t she?492458953

  8. P.S. I love You , 300  – What a mind blowing talent he is !Gerard-Butler-Wallpaper-17

  9. Upper limit of sexy !monica-bellucci-in-red-dress-pics-hot-145d0c504ecf14a315d092b18bb69917-big-51894

  10. India’s best Comedy Star akshay-kumar-07


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