Hey Ugly person , I am with you.

  1. Facebook
  2. Google+
  3. Twitter
  4. Instagram
  5. Hot-or-not
  6. OkCupid
  7. omegle
  8. Girlsaskguys
  9. Tinder
  10. even WordPress ( Don’t be shocked )

and our freaking society .

If you are a pretty , beautiful , handsome , white then there is so much these sites offer you. More views, more messages , more likes, more followers , more comments, more fame , more money .

Everything works for you. The universe just kneel down in front of your beauty. Not your fault.

YOU FREAKING WON GENETIC LOTTERY . How can be that your fault ?  It’s GOD’s fault. It is nature’s fault.

Let’s look at dark side of moon , if you are ugly , average , brown , black  these sites provide you one thing is abundance .

Humiliation  More Humiliation More Humiliation

Here is a message , if you are one of these like me : No need to shade tears. No need to feel bad. However , never ever forget what this society does to you just because you lost “genetic lottery”.

The society which treats you badly , that ignore your presence , NEEDS TO BE DESTROYED. Period.

  1. Start learning stuff , psychology, neuroscience, nuclear weaponry.
  2. Spread the word , mobiles “oppressed” our people
  3. Learn genetics. How about everyone look green and ugly ?
  4.  Go military offensive. Create havoc across planet. If you don’t deserve happiness because of ugliness , NO ONE DOES. I repeat NO ONE.
  5. Do this till we create society where every one is ugly. EVERY ONE IS UGLY, now then we will talk about ” We are all humans & blah blah”


In short , time has come to take FINAL revenge against nature , ARE YOU READY , hey ugly person ?

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