God betrayed us….

Each second at least 4  babies are born in the world. Out of 4 ,  1 will have great life, 2 will have average life , 1 will have a life filled with poverty, misery.  Everything depends upon what they see when they open their eyes : Country .

A child born in developed country such as  Europe/USA with white skin will have a great start. On other hand , a child born in Nigeria with black skin in a family with no food for next day will have worst start.

God betrayed him. God, in this very moment, made two contrasting life. He is done now.

HOWEVER , the Nigerian child is going to suffer for next 50 years like every one born in poor country.

And people have AUDACITY to ask why some people behave differently. I mean GOD fucked his life in a second he born , what do you expect from him????????

I know what it likes to be born in third world.  I almost feel guilty of being in Germany now. Because who knew life can be so beautiful, relaxing , healthy ??

My family still lives in India , they don’t know there exist such a life. All they know is struggle.  Struggle for food, struggle for water , struggle for job , struggle for survival , struggle to be alive.  Hundred times I said , “my life in one word” – Struggle.

My people have been betrayed. God , I WANT JUSTICE FOR MY PEOPLE.

If we don’t get justice ,  we will DESTROY entire human species on this planet.  I don’t care.  We will wreck your beloved art i.e Humans into ashes. We will let you know what it feels like to be betrayed. We will have our REVENGE.

Or you kill all of us : poor, black/brown, ugly . Fuck theory of evolution !

And that’s why I show you middle finger ( towards sky) sometimes because you really fucked up our life.





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