Single by Choice or No-Choice

  I was listening to Soundcloud comedy audio podcast . And this line the lady said hit me hard:

” Oh, on valentine’s day I spent my day with girls like me who have no reason to be single unless they choose to be  “

The choice. What would that feel like ?

And here I am single , forced by situation. Trust me , that is not the situation you want to be in. It is sheer helplessness . I wanted it to happen to me since I was 11 ( 16 years ago). Now, I am not sure if I want it or not. Rather I am not sure what I am going to do with it.

The Choice or The Luck or Genetic lottery whatever it may be , I don’t know. The only thing I can tell is I don’t have it.

What’s wrong with America ?

Deport illegal immigration :  ” That is a radical suggestion because we have 10 million of them”

Temporary ban on Muslim: ” Don’t do that. They will get angry ”

Free education : ” Why on earth any one even  propose that  ”

Cheap Healthcare: ” That is not possible. Practically impossible thing to do”

More Tax on Wealthy : ” He wants to destroy American value ”

Compulsory voting card : ” What a rubbish idea ”

This reminds me something and I think that one is true.

Every nation gets the government its people deserve” 

I rest my case , over to you Americans out there.


Shame on Shallow Feminism.

My questions to feminist :

What is more important equal opportunities for women or “right” to to be topless ?

What is more important equal representation in the parliament or “Hillary”-The liar in the White House?

What is more important respectful & safe condition for women or “change” in Oxford dictionary e.g “bossy” ?

Don’t get me wrong , I am all in for Gender equality. But our so called “feminist leaders” need to get their PRIORITY in order if we want to see any real progress. Some of those have made “career” out of it.Actually , it is “hobby”. Nothing wrong except they don’t give a damn about women, actually they don’t give damn about “middle class & poor” women. Hold on , I think no one weeps for “middle class & poor” women.

When was the last time you see  “feminist” who is poor , ugly , not well dressed on TV ?