Man’s search for ….

We don’t know if there is actually a thing like “time” exists. We defined it for our convenience. We always do that we assume things to make sense out of any situation.We don’t like chaos. We always look for patterns. We always look for hidden things. So, we don’t know if there is “past” or “future”. May be we are trapped in “present”.

Close your eyes. You don’t see anything. You don’t see pattern. You don’t see shape. You don’t see colors. If we shut down all our senses i.e. our ability of being aware then this world doesn’t exist any more. Everything you see , hear , experience , feel is manifestation of your consciousness. It is the one interpretation of what is there. We know it is imperfect. Check out optical illusion on web to understand what our eyes can do.  The consciousness has a big role in the way we see “what it is”.

Laptop, Glass , House, Planets , Galaxies everything is a perception and may not the apt description of reality. There is very high chance that “the reality” is complete chaos.Imagine infinite see of atoms(or smallest particles) floating  across the universe or whatever it is. Without consciousness, all  will look very similar to sand near sea.

Consciousness shows us pattern in it. It creates this magical world which follows some kind of laws unlike chaos. It makes our life easy. What is life? We are collection of atoms plus some consciousness or mind. I don’t know may or may not be.

May be there is no life. May be there is no universe. May be only things we have is dots, infinite dots. And we(mind) poor things are trying to create meaningful by connecting them.  It’s an illusion.

Who is behind all of this? Are we being watched? Or “they” just see sand and nothing else? What part this exactly matters ? What part should I really care about ? Is this supposed to be funny ? Am I suppose to have evil laugh? Am I suppose to know this? Am suppose to have beg for answer? Am I suppose to search for the answer? Is there any answer?

I don’t know. I really don’t know. And that kills me everyday …..



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