This Valentine’s day ….

Hello there,

I don’t know you. We are suppose to be in love by now. By normal standard. Looks like we are at the corner of bell curve.  At least I am.

There is a chance that you will be celebrating this valentine’s day with someone else or may have celebrated it in the past. That’s ok , you know. If we were meant to be together , then we would have.

However if you are like me & never celebrated this day till date, I hope you find someone as early as possible. You see, I am slow, shy & introvert. I might take next 20 years to find you. I don’t want you to wait for me. I am tired now.

And if you don’t exist then I have nothing to say. I think , I can take that. May be , I deserved it because of my “karma” from past life or this life. I am too small to know about it or do something about it. That’s ok.

It is hard to believe in love now days. More I wait more I lose grip of my belief. My mind says ” Let it go. Not for you. You are here for something else”. My heart refuses to accept this truth. I am know who is losing each day. It is matter of time. This is ending.

I know there is zero chance that you will read this. And other people might say, “What an idiot !”.By the way I couldn’t agree more with them.

Take care, strange girl. I really hope not to see you in this life.

Best Regards,

The Stranger.



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