Next 10 years…

Keep your eyes wide open on two things that might change fate of entire humanity ( by the way I don’t think the universe gives a damn )

1 ) Super Artificial Intelligence : As a part of computer science community, I know it is very unlikely to create something like super AI but guess what things “happens”. Honestly I would be honored to start the fire.

2) Artificial Genetic Mutation : It appears that the evolution has stopped or is so slow that it seems that way. In either case , nothing is happening around. SAME OLD SAME OLD. I am pretty sure USA/China are getting their hands dirty with this endeavor and may be some notorious MNC also. It is matter of time we see “new” species in horizon. Again , I hope someone as determined as me initiate that game.

The world has become boring in the context of the universe and it is time to jump to next level. Nature( or God) doesn’t like “rush”.  He has all the time in the world. We don’t.

He plays in terms of “billions” and gave us “100”. I don’t see that fairness from any angle.

1 or 2 happens , the world will change in no time.  And if both happens in next 10 years , we gonna see “very dynamic actions” every day .Beyond our wildest dream. Trust me, no one will say then :

” Life is boring ” 




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