One of my very very few friends

I just had a long conversation with my friend. He is the one of the very very few people who gets me. He is good listener like me. Well , on that call I talked about 60% of the time. We spoke last time when we were in Pune (India) mid last year.

I told him there that it is going to be really tough for me to find a person like him. A person who gets me. A person who can have real discussion with. A person with whom I can be me.

I think, I got 4-5 people like that. They are like me. They like to be alone. They are introvert. I am so glad that I found them.

When you meet someone , there are only two options. Either you tune with them or not.There is no third option. I am ready to give some time but if I don’t like someone then I am not ready to put myself through torture.

Life is too short to waste on trying to be someone so that that one person remains in your life. Either you like me who I am or we are done.

I am more than happy  to die knowing I made only 4-5 friends than I have 50 fake ones.

It is quality that matters. One more advantage is less there are less is chance that one of them is going to put you in really uncomfortable position to choose between your moral & them. If you don’t trust me , just look around how many of your problem happened because of people near you.




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