Republican Leadership or White House slaves?

Instead of accepting Donald Trump, who is single handedly saving future GOP and America, these morons have balls to attack him saying “Not Republican” “Unconservative”,”Not Christian” .

Are you saying people voting for him in Republican Primary are Democrats or Hindus or Chinese ???

Voters are on his side and Party leader on which side?

I get it , two parties wants to fuck this nation together and who cares if middle class dies on road. Right ?

In the White House , you guys kiss each other asses figuratively & literally and lot more. And then on TV ,  fake promises, ALL TALK no ACTION. By the way, you OWN the media.

You bastards want someone who plays by rules , who is predictable, who can be bought with power, money or sex. BUT you people know Mr.Trump is UNPREDICTABLE. He can’t be controlled.

So you guys are worried about “business” for raping & looting this country. That is why Major political Leader , Big Companies and Media attacks him, ridicule him. Say bad thing about his family, his hair and what not.

For love for God , he is 69. He has 4 billion in his pocket. He has amazing family. How many of you would want to give SHIT about America, which is divided on every single issue all the time,  if you were in his position , at his age ?

He is not perfect. His tone may not be right. His words may not be correct. But I think, his heart is in right place.

And you assholes in White House , I hope you guys burn in hell for destroying  Middle class in America.

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