Atheism is dangerous thing.


a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods.

If you don’t know something that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It means we don’t know. Claiming that there is no God and ridiculing people who believe in it is a sign of weak character. It is absolute stubbornness and arrogance. How about showing some humility and say ” We don’t know whether God exist or not”

I truly believe Atheism is more dangerous than any other God related terms. I agree that there are people who are killing each other in the name of God but they are not Believer. They are just “user”. They use name of God for their own human desire.

A world filled with more Atheism is receipe for disaster. Absolute madness. No fear. No acceptance of higher authority. Refusal to see larger picture. Becoming oneself as a center of universe.

God-loving people or God-fearing people is one of the reason why this planet is still livable. I have zero respect for Atheist. Absolutely no.  I don’t care if you win a nobel prize or not, but you don’t have humility to accept the “possibility” of something of bigger , greater , magnificent then it is absolute shame that even education can’t make people better.



10 thoughts on “Atheism is dangerous thing.

  1. Atheist here. It’s interesting to me that you talk about atheists being arrogant for claiming to know for sure there is no god. Most atheists I’ve met (myself included) fall into the category of agnostic atheism. Here’s the wikipedia page on it: For us, we see knowledge and belief as two separate categories. We don’t claim to know whether or not a god exists. We think it is unknowable. But without evidence to support a belief in one, we don’t actively hold said belief. I had trouble wrapping my head around that when I was religious, but as I lost my faith it began to make a lot of sense.

    • Yeah. I don’t have any issue with agnostic atheism. I also know there is fierce debate what is knowledge & what is belief and when belief becomes knowledge. Is there way for sure we “know” something? What if there is no reality or reality is vastly different than our senses project to us ? What if this is dream? Any way , I spend my time with physics , philosophy, psychology to find the answer but as of now almost of all of them humble enough to say ” We don’t know yet”. I like their honesty . That is what I expect Atheism ( other category ) to consider and rethink their extreme position. About religious people , as long as their “God” doesn’t tell them to kill other people (non-believer) and they behave within limit , I can live with it.

      • Fair enough. I do think that’s a resonable position to hold, though I honestly haven’t met anyone who falls into the category of gnostic atheist. If you happen to know of any examples let me know. Even Dawkins, who I’ll admit can be pretty abrasive, is technically an agnostic atheist.

  2. I’m one of those atheists who is perfectly fine with saying “no gods exist”. But when I say that, I don’t mean that there is absolutely, positively, no way that any god could exist ever. I mean in a similar way to when I say “there is no Loch Ness monster”. Which is to say, I see no good evidence for the existence of Nessie, and what I do see seems to suggest that Nessie is something humans made up. But if there were one reputable sighting of Nessie, that is all it would take to convince me that there is a Loch Ness monster after all. Same thing with deities. If I see convincing evidence, I’ll change my mind. I’ve even gone through and thought about what specific things could change my mind. For example, a miraculous restoration of a missing limb would be pretty convincing, if fraud could be ruled out.

    • I understand but I think “I don’t know , may or may not be because I don’t see any proof ” is much humble than ” No ! No! God is not there unless you prove me otherwise”.

      • In my experience, it’s normal and acceptable for for Christians in my area to say that their god definitely exists, and to talk about their god as if his existence is a forgone conclusion. Yet when pressed, many will admit that they don’t have proof that their god exists, they just have faith.

        But when an atheist says there are no gods (e.g. on a bus ad), it’s suddenly a huge point of contention and how dare those awful atheists attack Christians like that.

        Living in an environment with such an obvious double standard, I’m not going to refrain from stating my position as fact just because some people get upset about it. In fact, the double standard only gives me more reason to want to state my position in a way that is analogous to how Christians state theirs. Though I do understand your objection is of a very different quality than the average Christian in my area.

        That said, it’s not like I go around saying “there are no gods” all the time. I say that very rarely, actually. Usually I just say “I’m an atheist” or “I don’t find your argument for the existence of god convincing”. I don’t challenge people on their beliefs unless they invite it (like proselytizers often do) or there is some good reason to do so. In general, I don’t care what other people believe unless they’re hurting other people with it.

        I should add, the primary reason I became okay with saying “there are no gods” was because I spent a while analyzing the meaning of the statement “there are no unicorns” and similar, and arrived at the conclusion that the meaning of that statement is usually taken quite differently when it’s about gods. Saying unicorns aren’t real doesn’t seem arrogant to me, and I don’t take the statement to mean that unicorns are absolutely certainly not real, or that the person who says it wouldn’t change their mind the instant they saw a unicorn. But people do assume those things if a person dares say there aren’t any gods.

      • Thanks Alex for sharing your view. It is worth mentioning that you didn’t attack me (personal) unlike religious extremist. Thanks.

      • Thanks. I hate it when extremists, on whatever side, resort to personal attacks.

        It’s also worth mentioning that I do have a problem with some of the extremist atheists. I don’t like it when people, including atheists, are dogmatic and refuse to even consider other views. And I particularly dislike those atheists who promote the view that religious belief is mental illness, or that teaching religion to children is child abuse. This minimizes (and further stigmatizes) the very real and very serious problems of mental illness and child abuse.

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