50% Women in every parliament.

I can’t imagine life with women. It is high time that we treat them equally. When I say , ” I don’t want to be born as a girl in this world ” that means ” I am ashamed of this world”

I would like to make one demand to all nations on this planet. The plan is put women on top of pyramid. Risky idea but we don’t have time for  bottom-up approach . We need to be fast & rapid. I really don’t want to see any more girl crying & saying herself “Why God give her this gender ?” every day.

Give 50% seats to women in the every parliament. And every alternative President ( or Prime Minister ) should woman.  No Conditions. Period. 

Then watch what happens. Give them freedom to select government. Make laws. Change constitution. I know ,  it can be scary. But who said we men aren’t  ? Look at our history. Full of men power & shit followed.

Hello Women ,

Mother, sister , wife , girlfriend, manager, teacher , student and your every other infinite avatar,

THANK YOU for everything and Sorry .





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