Face Lips Boobs Likes Brain Ignore

(Imaginary talk)

Me : Hello famous-person-I-know ,I would like to interview you for my blog.

Person: Why?

Me: Intellectual conversation for my followers.

Person: Sure,  how many followers do you have ?

Me: 150, I guess

Person: How many like you get per blog ?

Me: 4-5 .

(line disconnect.beep sound)

Me: Hello ? Are you there? Hello ?

Humiliating isn’t it ?

I know a girl who has like 150K followers on Instagram for her selfie, her face, her lips etc. And here on WordPress , your brain can’t get 10 likes forget about any followers. No, no I am not sad or something for my blog. Currently my life is “don’t give a damn” mode and minimum expectation near to KarmaYogi. However I saw one blog who has interviewed someone & gone through lot of pain to post a blog and guess what,  NO LIKE.

No wonder , the world is in mess. Face, Lips, Boobs, Biceps , Six-pack, zero size almost everything in demand except brain.




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