I am a sucker.

I want you to know that I am, like most Indians,a  sucker for white skin. While growing up we use all kinds of things to make us more white e.g turmeric, coal, mehdi. Even most of our Gods pictures are white except my favorite Lord Shiva. He is blue.  Fair & Lovely is famous in India . Don’t know but they say it makes you white , at least that is what one famous actress says in advertise & we believe her. Rather we need to believe in something magical to make us white.

Bollywood is full of white people. Sometimes I can’t even relate to them. Thanks to magical camera filters, it is not easy to tell which is genuine. If this is less , we import white girls from foreign to act in our movie. We love them instantly . White skin, why not ? One point of time , we wanted to make Italian White lady to our PM. And her white son is India’s prince. We adore him. White skin people that is our thing.

So when my people come to foreign land , they go crazy. White snow , white people it is overwhelming. And most of us cross moral lines & do nasty things. And that is how we become famous . “Pervert  bloody Indians”. It doesn’t really  matter  if I tell you I am not one of them. Because any how you are going to keep safe distance from me. Well, I don’t blame you for it . I mean that is fair. We have this history. So next time you see me , please ignore me. I somehow deserve it. It is hurtful but that is fair.

So yes I was born in India. Yes,I am a sucker for white skin. Yes,I am a sucker for cricket. And no , I didn’t rape anyone. And no, I don’t want to rape anyone. And yes, I do have moral compass. And no, I am not perfect. Feel free to judge me. Feel free to make fun of me. Feel free to call me “pervert”.


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