Pray for this/that , Okay I get it.

Every now & then some tragedy happens in the world. Then it starts: The Race Who Is More Sympathetic or let’s create some proof that I CARE about humanity.

First in the line are our beloved celebrities rather their highly smart PR team. Once they tweet like , “Pray for Paris. Stay Strong and #blah #blah #IAmNotEvenSober #Blah”.Most of the fans like ,” Aawww …”. Tears rolling . After that retweet , repost ; it is like freaking epidemic. These so called “alert” people want to tell their friends/ followers ,most of them hardly give a shit, that ,” Look , I am good at heart, even though I totally did cheat on my wife. It was awesome. But , look how sad I am for London. No wait , it’s Paris or whatever. ” Morons.

I get it why celebrity do it but you and me I don’t understand.How exactly your post about “Pray for Paris” is gonna change your character? Or after this post will you be in everyone’s good book ? I don’t think so.

Let me ask you one question. When was the last time you took a leave from your work just to attend your friend’s very close relative or parents funeral ? I think, we need to stop faking this sympathy and start actually showing it through actions. I like people who actually only care about themselves and their family/friends in true sense and show honest to God sympathy in real life instead of this show -off.




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