Sheldon & Myself

  • We both are narcissists.We love being one.
  • Like Sheldon , I have a spot in my house. I am aware of this since I was teenager.
  • Until recently we both were virgin. Now only me. Shamy !
  • We both like Physics and consider it above anything else.
  • We both want to win Nobel Prize and We will.
  • We do insult people knowingly & unknowingly but can’t tolerate if you strike back.
  • We both hate people in general.
  • We both absolutely HATE change in our lives. We follow rituals . We like Order.
  • We suck at social interaction but we hardly care about it.
  • We both hate when someone touches our food.
  • We both like trains.
  • We both can’t drive. And don’t want to.
  • I think , we both are INTJ.

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