My daily fears

  1.  What if my parents die
  2.  What if the girl I adore(TGID) stop talking to me
  3.  What if the girl I adore replace me with someone else
  4. What if I don’t get Uber this morning
  5. What if I am forced to work in fixed time at work
  6.  What if I have diabetes like parents
  7.  What if I never find a girl of my dream
  8.  What if TGID read my message and don’t reply back
  9.  What if I die virgin
  10.  What if I never get out of this country.
  11.  What if someone kills me
  12.  What if I loose my job
  13.  What if there is no water when I wake up
  14.  What if someone knocks on my door when I jerk off
  15.  What if there is no internet when I reach home
  16.  What if my laptop stop working
  17.  What if I lose all my data
  18.  What if white girls don’t accept me because I am Indian
  19.  What if I look ugly when I age
  20.  what if ….