You called him misogynist . You called him a man with a small penis. You called him idiot, moron , motherfucker . You called his family names. You called his supporters basket of deplorables . You threatened us every minute every second. You tried to attack him. You tried to attack us. You ridiculed us. You questioned our morality. You questioned our brain.You belittle us. You treated us so badly. You twisted every rule of the game. You had an audacity to do all these unspeakable things & called yourself “better choice”. WTF ????

Here is what I want you do now : DIG A HOLE and BURY YOURSELF YOUR SELF IN IT 

Let’s move on now  , shall we ?. Let’s make America Great Again !


If Obama can’t , who will ?

Police shoot black  people, followed by spontaneous protests, then followed by extensive media coverage , then after few months everything is back to normal. And again shooting & so on. Not to mention , this happens when we have an African-American president none other than Barack Obama whom I personally admired. I am reading his book “The Audacity of Hope” as I speak. I started reading it on 4th July to celebrate Independance day . I haven’t completed it yet.

In this book, he talks about race, politics, constitution, values . He shares his own interpretation of America , her past & future. He seems to have very good observation skill and of course his fluency of expressing the most complex thoughts in simple yet elegant manner which I am envy of .

This was 2006 , exactly 10 years ago. A lot has changed for him personally. He is on his way to complete the second term of presidency. His approval ratings are pretty good still today. He might win third term if it was allowed or may be not. I don’t live in America. So , I can’t judge him from 8000 miles. However if I look at what happening in America now & compare what he says in his book then I feel that something is not right. And I feel sad about it. This man had all the right ingredients to heal American Dream which was in ICU. He had intention. He had good heart. He had skills. He had charisma .


I can only speculate but reader of my blog who are in vast majority Americans can share their views about this situation. I admit that he clearly said it is not going to easy to make a dramatic change the way America works. But still I was expecting a lot from such a great person. Or is he just an exceptional orator and nothing else? Is he actually good leader ? Did he deliver as per his potential ? Did he fail to live up to the expectation of masses? Was he more focussed on “Legacy” than “Lives” ?

I think , we shouldn’t rush to make him look bad or good before screening what actually he did & didn’t. He is a great speaker no doubt but is he really great president ? I leave this question open to you. Think about it.

Happy Independance Day The USA.

God bless the greatest nation this planet has ever seen .



Republican Leadership or White House slaves?

Instead of accepting Donald Trump, who is single handedly saving future GOP and America, these morons have balls to attack him saying “Not Republican” “Unconservative”,”Not Christian” .

Are you saying people voting for him in Republican Primary are Democrats or Hindus or Chinese ???

Voters are on his side and Party leader on which side?

I get it , two parties wants to fuck this nation together and who cares if middle class dies on road. Right ?

In the White House , you guys kiss each other asses figuratively & literally and lot more. And then on TV ,  fake promises, ALL TALK no ACTION. By the way, you OWN the media.

You bastards want someone who plays by rules , who is predictable, who can be bought with power, money or sex. BUT you people know Mr.Trump is UNPREDICTABLE. He can’t be controlled.

So you guys are worried about “business” for raping & looting this country. That is why Major political Leader , Big Companies and Media attacks him, ridicule him. Say bad thing about his family, his hair and what not.

For love for God , he is 69. He has 4 billion in his pocket. He has amazing family. How many of you would want to give SHIT about America, which is divided on every single issue all the time,  if you were in his position , at his age ?

He is not perfect. His tone may not be right. His words may not be correct. But I think, his heart is in right place.

And you assholes in White House , I hope you guys burn in hell for destroying  Middle class in America.

Always choose lesser evil if no choice.

Remember , every time you decide to NOT vote at all is actually a vote to the worst evil. If you have to choose between two evils then always choose lesser one.  Your vote matters. Your action may not have power to cause any damage to both of them, but your inaction has huge power to boost the worst of them. Is that what you want for you ? Your family ? Your son ? Your daughter ?