You called him misogynist . You called him a man with a small penis. You called him idiot, moron , motherfucker . You called his family names. You called his supporters basket of deplorables . You threatened us every minute every second. You tried to attack him. You tried to attack us. You ridiculed us. You questioned our morality. You questioned our brain.You belittle us. You treated us so badly. You twisted every rule of the game. You had an audacity to do all these unspeakable things & called yourself “better choice”. WTF ????

Here is what I want you do now : DIG A HOLE and BURY YOURSELF YOUR SELF IN IT 

Let’s move on now  , shall we ?. Let’s make America Great Again !


My lust for American TV shows

I have no idea how you guys focus on work when so much great TV shows running /used to running on TV. America has been producing world class for ages now. I am glad that I am capable to understand English language. I am going to tell you current status of my viewing. I would have watched all of them by now. BUT I am trapped HERE in India where internet speed is thing of future & Netflix doesn’t believe in equality.  By the way , Indian TV shows are not worth of watching except few. I can’t even relate to them . So much BULLSHIT after BULLSHIT.  Any way I no longer watch channels from India.

  1.  Suits – Completed till Season 5 & now S6 has already started but can’t watch.
  2. Friends–  I have few episodes from random seasons. But I would like to complete this one in one go. Sadly Netflix didn’t have it when I was in Germany.
  3. Two and a half men– I have till Season 5 . All watched. I want to watch one more before Charlie left.
  4. Lost– Completed . Might watch again.
  5. How I Met Your Mother– Completed. Will be watching this again & again till I die
  6. The Big Bang Theory– Completed till Season 9 . Waiting for Season 10 , 11 … infinity .
  7. White Collar – Season 2 completed . Four more to go.
  8. The Mentalist – Watched 20 odd episodes here & there. Need to start again till Season 7 end. Must find Red John . Revenge folks.
  9. Person of Interest –  Shame on Fox for cancelling the show. Till Season 4 completed. Got addicted to Root. Must finish Season 5 & hope for miracle in the form Season 6
  10. Prison Break– Unique bonding between brothers. Become part of family. Miss Sara.Season 3 completed . Must watch season 4 and wait for season 5. Brothers are back. Hello T-bag !
  11. House of cards– Completed . Waiting for REAL action this November .

God Bless United States of America !


One more thing , you can suggest me more as you can see my likes. Appreciate it. I don’t want to miss out.

If Obama can’t , who will ?

Police shoot black  people, followed by spontaneous protests, then followed by extensive media coverage , then after few months everything is back to normal. And again shooting & so on. Not to mention , this happens when we have an African-American president none other than Barack Obama whom I personally admired. I am reading his book “The Audacity of Hope” as I speak. I started reading it on 4th July to celebrate Independance day . I haven’t completed it yet.

In this book, he talks about race, politics, constitution, values . He shares his own interpretation of America , her past & future. He seems to have very good observation skill and of course his fluency of expressing the most complex thoughts in simple yet elegant manner which I am envy of .

This was 2006 , exactly 10 years ago. A lot has changed for him personally. He is on his way to complete the second term of presidency. His approval ratings are pretty good still today. He might win third term if it was allowed or may be not. I don’t live in America. So , I can’t judge him from 8000 miles. However if I look at what happening in America now & compare what he says in his book then I feel that something is not right. And I feel sad about it. This man had all the right ingredients to heal American Dream which was in ICU. He had intention. He had good heart. He had skills. He had charisma .


I can only speculate but reader of my blog who are in vast majority Americans can share their views about this situation. I admit that he clearly said it is not going to easy to make a dramatic change the way America works. But still I was expecting a lot from such a great person. Or is he just an exceptional orator and nothing else? Is he actually good leader ? Did he deliver as per his potential ? Did he fail to live up to the expectation of masses? Was he more focussed on “Legacy” than “Lives” ?

I think , we shouldn’t rush to make him look bad or good before screening what actually he did & didn’t. He is a great speaker no doubt but is he really great president ? I leave this question open to you. Think about it.

Happy Independance Day The USA.

God bless the greatest nation this planet has ever seen .



America, I wish I didn’t know you.

( No edit  Just writing )

I was 6 0r 7 years old when I heard a word “America”. It felt good to hear. It got register in my heart permanently. It used to make appearance here & there in newspapers , TV. I was a kid from lower middle class family living in a small village of India’s west coast. I wish I didn’t hear the word “America”. Little did I know then that my youth is going affected like never before when I would get addicted to idea of being in America.

I am 27 now , soon 28. I should have got married by now. I should have settled like my friends did. Married, Wife, Happy Parents, Peace with life. No, that is not the case. There is no peace in my life. I had just returned from Germany where my master study abrupted by lack of finance. I lost two years worth of my life. And lot money I ashamed to admit. I have put my parents into a lot of pain . My siblings have suffered. But look at me , I am still adamant on idea of “being in America”. I wish I could delete America from memory. I can’t be at peace with my life till my feet the land of opportunity.

I wish I was born there. I wish I was there already eliminating rat race which I have to go through to get there. I am loosing my life. My time . My money. My health.  So I am not really sure when I get there I will be able to enjoy. If I reach there by 30 & married. How on earth I am going to enjoy my life at NYC? Forget enjoyment can I afford it?  Someone will say move to another city , what is the point of going through all this and just to let go my goal , bucket list. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know when sun is going to shine. I don’t know when the  night is going to end. I don’t know if I will there when this done. I don’t know….