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200 Followers … THANK YOU :))))

Honestly I think I don’t deserve any one of you or your time. I write as I think. No editing No filters No preparation. Nothing. Grammar is all over the place . So are articles. Punctuations don’t even exist.  There is so much negative emotions are there. Sometimes positive also.

In spite all of this , you guys follow me . That means so much to me. I can’t thank you enough guys for sticking with me on this journey. Appreciate your time here. God bless you all. Hang in there guys. It’s gonna be okay .

Live WorldMap of blogging activity

Active blogger places:  USA, Europe, India ,and 2 more east Asian Country

No Blogging places:  Africa, South America – both continent (worrisome) , Middle East, Russia, China , East Asia.

I could be wrong in drawing any conclusion  because there is time difference . What do you think ?