SHE said She is AFRAID of India !!!

She liked me when we had our first private chat. She was so happy being with me. I was too. Then she started to ask me questions to know more about me.  I know what was coming.

WHERE ARE YOU FROM ?  I said India ..I could have lied but I don’t want to start any relationship with lie.

I said what happened ?

She said, ” I am afraid of India”.

She is from Ukraine. She just started working as a cam girl. But some most motherfuckers from India have already ruined image of the country in her eyes. AFRAID.

Now her excitement about me has gone . The spark is gone. This is not first time this happened to me . Many relationships were broken even before they started because of my nationality , skin color, my face…

WHO SHOULD I BLAME ??? WHO ?? WHO ???? WHO???????????????????


What’s wrong with America ?

Deport illegal immigration :  ” That is a radical suggestion because we have 10 million of them”

Temporary ban on Muslim: ” Don’t do that. They will get angry ”

Free education : ” Why on earth any one even  propose that  ”

Cheap Healthcare: ” That is not possible. Practically impossible thing to do”

More Tax on Wealthy : ” He wants to destroy American value ”

Compulsory voting card : ” What a rubbish idea ”

This reminds me something and I think that one is true.

Every nation gets the government its people deserve” 

I rest my case , over to you Americans out there.