Obama is more muslim than he is black

that’s why his middle east policies are “soft” and his “ignorance” is killing African-American people in daylight . I wish he were not “Hussain” Obama. Just Obama. That is what happens best of best brain when it comes in contact with “peaceful” islam. It either makes you Jihadi or “blind-mute-loyal” spectators.

If this level of guy can’t get it out of his head then I have no hope for “normal” people.

Always choose lesser evil if no choice.

Remember , every time you decide to NOT vote at all is actually a vote to the worst evil. If you have to choose between two evils then always choose lesser one.  Your vote matters. Your action may not have power to cause any damage to both of them, but your inaction has huge power to boost the worst of them. Is that what you want for you ? Your family ? Your son ? Your daughter ?

What’s wrong with America ?

Deport illegal immigration :  ” That is a radical suggestion because we have 10 million of them”

Temporary ban on Muslim: ” Don’t do that. They will get angry ”

Free education : ” Why on earth any one even  propose that  ”

Cheap Healthcare: ” That is not possible. Practically impossible thing to do”

More Tax on Wealthy : ” He wants to destroy American value ”

Compulsory voting card : ” What a rubbish idea ”

This reminds me something and I think that one is true.

Every nation gets the government its people deserve” 

I rest my case , over to you Americans out there.