Forced to choose between worst food everyday

” Indian food is amazing. Spices, taste, colors . Simply wow.”

NO, It’s not.

What you see on instagram or in western countries or in five star hotels or in Maharaja Express is not Indian food. At least not what common people like me have to eat.

No one eats Kadhai Paneer for Dinner. Forget panner we can’t even afford decent quality milk in Tea. Hygiene is not an option for us. We have to choose between ” Wait for hygiene/clean/healthy food & die eventually ” and ” Eat whatever food you get roadside & really hope God would be merciful not giving you fatal disease”. Disgusting feeling I tell you is that.

So ,every morning I wake up hungry and waste my brain power to choose between plenty (i.e. two ) choices  of worst foods . I think which one is going to damage me less & not die before I go to USA. Trust me it is not great feeling. I get angry at God for forcing me through this torture.

Bad breakfast and the day is pretty much ruined. It is not like to “Butter Chicken” wait for me at lunch or dinner. Not at all. Same two worst choices. I hate my life.

I miss my mom’s recipes. She lives in village. She is the best cook I ever seen. The best ever. Now I understand meaning of home-made food. 10 years when I used to live in the village , it was best period of my life as far as food is concerned. But now tasteless food with muddy water.

I wish , like plants, I could do photosynthesis. And this horror permanently. So please for love of God don’t brag about “Indian food”.


Happy Independance Day The USA.

God bless the greatest nation this planet has ever seen .



50% Women in every parliament.

I can’t imagine life with women. It is high time that we treat them equally. When I say , ” I don’t want to be born as a girl in this world ” that means ” I am ashamed of this world”

I would like to make one demand to all nations on this planet. The plan is put women on top of pyramid. Risky idea but we don’t have time for  bottom-up approach . We need to be fast & rapid. I really don’t want to see any more girl crying & saying herself “Why God give her this gender ?” every day.

Give 50% seats to women in the every parliament. And every alternative President ( or Prime Minister ) should woman.  No Conditions. Period. 

Then watch what happens. Give them freedom to select government. Make laws. Change constitution. I know ,  it can be scary. But who said we men aren’t  ? Look at our history. Full of men power & shit followed.

Hello Women ,

Mother, sister , wife , girlfriend, manager, teacher , student and your every other infinite avatar,

THANK YOU for everything and Sorry .