Leaving Germany

Just quick update. I have decided to move back to India halting my master study only after 1st semester.  I was thinking about this for a while & decided stop fooling myself into believing that this program is worth for me. It fails to meet my expectations on time, effort & cost scale. I can’t afford any of those.

 First of all , you can’t complete this program within 2 years & not become insane. My university is research oriented so they teach you everything happening around & expect you to be aware of current state of the art technology. I am no way afraid of study but don’t expect me to rush through it. So, no way in hell, I could complete this master program in 2 years.

Second if above assumption is true then I am screwed because I do not have any fund of possible third year of this course. I heard you say “part-time” job. You are right and misinformed too. German language stands between me & the idea of part-time job. Also , my not so good computer background ( B.Tech in Electronics ) does’t help either. Also, if you do a part-time then again your study might suffer resulting in poor grade. I hate that.

Third thing is well, I honestly don’t want to study that much. All I want is normal university & then descent job. I am already 28.  I don’t have time for three year of study only. I must earn now. Hopefully get married before 30 otherwise my parents might kill me..lol.

What next ?  Going back to India. Find job.

I believe there is a bigger picture here. Germany wasn’t meant to be part of it. I never really felt that connection. I feel nothing about  leaving this country. Who knows may be God want  me to be somewhere else. I believe in me. I believe in Him. I just keep fighting & doing hard work. I know , the success is just around the corner. I can smell it. I will wait for that magical summer where everything will be just fine.