Lord Krishna says….

        Second name of future is struggle. If a wish in our heart doesn’t get completed then we make another wish for future. And we often dream about it getting completed in future. But life is neither in future nor in past.

Life is a name of this moment. That is : Experience of this moment is  nothing but experience of life.  However in spite of knowing this, we don’t understand such a simple truth.

Instead either we cling on to past or we keep dreaming about future. And ……. life ( Lord Krishna smiles ) goes on.

If a simple truth we accept in our heart that is we can neither  see future or can create it. The only thing we can do is with courage & patience we can welcome the future. We can hug our future. Then don’t you think every moment of life will get filled with life? Please think yourself.


Horrible reasons to vote for Hilary.#USA2016

  1.  “She is a woman.”
  2. “She is not a man.”
  3. ” Before I die I want to see a woman President for my country.”
  4. ” She looks like my grandma.”
  5. ” She is a wife of Bill Clinton.”
  6. ” She is mother “
  7. ” She is democratic.”
  8. “She looks perfect for the job.”
  9. ” I like her fashion.”
  10. ” I hate all men”
  11. ” She is funny”
  12. ” She is famous. I see her on TV all the time of course after Kardashian.”
  13. ” I like her smile.”
  14. ” She is beautiful.”


      If you are going to do this then the next generation will not forgive you. Even I want to see a woman as a President of this great nation but not  any woman. I mean a woman with high moral standard, no connection to Wall street , who has risen from Middle class without political background , Well qualified, who can walk the talk , who can truly represents american value , who is tough enough to make things straight in the White House.

I am not saying Hilary doesn’t have these qualities. She has most of them. BUT is she a “good” person ? Can we trust her especially middle class?

What I saw of her . I don’t . Not at all.  It’s like we are voting for 2008 recession again. By the way , it was manual. It was human made. Because of few greedy wolves of wall street & around the globe who have lost sense of what is right or wrong or apparently give no shit about common people  and have got full support of  power from the White house.

Enough is Enough.

The White House has to listen to common streets in America. And Not to greedy Wall Street.

Think twice or many times before you vote for Hilary. Because this is going to affect you badly if you come from middle class who believes in “The American Dream” ans ” The Pursuit of Happiness”.