Shame on Shallow Feminism.

My questions to feminist :

What is more important equal opportunities for women or “right” to to be topless ?

What is more important equal representation in the parliament or “Hillary”-The liar in the White House?

What is more important respectful & safe condition for women or “change” in Oxford dictionary e.g “bossy” ?

Don’t get me wrong , I am all in for Gender equality. But our so called “feminist leaders” need to get their PRIORITY in order if we want to see any real progress. Some of those have made “career” out of it.Actually , it is “hobby”. Nothing wrong except they don’t give a damn about women, actually they don’t give damn about “middle class & poor” women. Hold on , I think no one weeps for “middle class & poor” women.

When was the last time you see  “feminist” who is poor , ugly , not well dressed on TV ?