Success in ONE LINE !

80% of success is showing up !

Showing up at gym, showing up at your daily schedule , showing up at practise, showing up at assignments , showing up at labs , showing up at things you like , showing up at things you hate, showing  up when  you are in good mood, showing up when you feel like shit ………………..



2016 – Mission I M Possible

  1. Be Positive No Matter What

  2. Appreciate the moment. “Choose” happiness No matter what.

  3. Exercise Every Day. No matter What

  4. One Book Per Month No Matter What

  5. Brush twice a day

  6. Pray To God , remember Him everyday No Matter What

  7. No More Tears for imaginary love. Period

  8. Learn German & Improve English No Matter What

  9. Find a Part-Time Job

  10. Key To Success: Just Do It & Do it NOW.


Happy New Year to my followers & everyone you love .  ‘Live long and prosper‘!!!