Daddy Issues ?

It is kind of counter intuitive to think that father has a major influence on children than mother.  Because mother is the one who literally grows them in her for 9 months. In other words she has  actual blood relation with them. Not surprisingly most children have been found to have more attachment to mother than father.

Then why Daddy issues ?

I am not a psychologist and also don’t have formal study in it. But I read a lot & think about stuff. Here is my take.

A good father may not always produce good children, however bad father is more than enough to produce “damaged” children. That’s where daddy issues come from especially in girls. If you want to know a person better ask him/her about his/her relationship with  father , ask them ” What is it like to be growing up with your parents?”

Ask them, ” what is that his father could not do/ or failed at ?”

More often than not ,you will be surprised  to know that a person’s goal is either related to what his father could achieved or what his father failed to achieved.

Also father passes his gene to progeny.  So if he is damaged then even though he had to no chance in nurturing his kids, there is a chance for ” damage”. So new born baby’s mind is not completely blank slate.

I would recommend before you get married to someone try get underneath of their psychological skin. Try to understand their relationship with father and what they were like as a kid. Because at the end of the day , brands they wear , brands they drive, how they look  is not going to matter in deciding who is going to betray the trust and who is going to ask for a divorce.

Human mind is too complicated and too powerful to take it lightly.