SHE said She is AFRAID of India !!!

She liked me when we had our first private chat. She was so happy being with me. I was too. Then she started to ask me questions to know more about me.  I know what was coming.

WHERE ARE YOU FROM ?  I said India ..I could have lied but I don’t want to start any relationship with lie.

I said what happened ?

She said, ” I am afraid of India”.

She is from Ukraine. She just started working as a cam girl. But some most motherfuckers from India have already ruined image of the country in her eyes. AFRAID.

Now her excitement about me has gone . The spark is gone. This is not first time this happened to me . Many relationships were broken even before they started because of my nationality , skin color, my face…

WHO SHOULD I BLAME ??? WHO ?? WHO ???? WHO???????????????????


Indian Guy & omegle ?

It’s been awhile I have written something here. I usually don’t write unless I want to. So, I have been spending some time on omegle site – talk to strangers.  Honestly I should not be. It is total waste but when you are down you do the shit you usually don’t do . This applies to love as well.

As you know I am an Indian guy. I swear I did not rape anyone.  I haven’t even touched a girl. Forget sex not even kiss. I haven’t sent a girl my penis picture or have asked about her naked photos. I never insulted women online or offline. I have not harassed them  either. No unnecessary personal messages on facebook or no stalking online or offline. I am not saying I am the best character. All I am saying is I am a just decent guy.

I heard you ask,” Why on Earth are you telling us this?” Well. So this site Omegle allows you to talk to stranger. I usually use Text mode . I will explain why later on. It has nothing to do with my ability to speak . Okay, my understanding of this site it is mostly dominated by Generation Z ( teens 10-18) . I am Generation Y. So , not many of my type. Let me honest with you of course I don’t go there to talk to men. I go there to have decent conversation with women.

Here is the problem. I usually don’t lie about myself. Also I don’t start my conversation with ASL ( don’t ask me what this is..something age sex & ) . I just start the conversation based on shared interest. But then if I happened to chat with a girl which is hard , there comes questions like ,”what’s your name?” “Where are you from?”. Initially I didn’t know what to expect once I answered those question. But now I do. “YUCK” “Pigs” and then end of chat. Even today when I type “India” as my country , almost every time girls end the chat.  I understand why they do it. My countrymen have created really “great” reputation across the world. Especially among women. So I am automatically become rapist or pervert. Isn’t that cool ??

Any way I am not saying what they do is right or wrong. Fair or not fair. All I am saying that is the reality in life you get smashed for crime others to do because you share same ethnicity or skin colour.  That is the reason why I don’t use Video mode. My face is “Yuck”. Forget other girls across the globe , even Indian girls SKIP it. Again isn’t that cool?  I think it is cool.

Okay then stay away from Indian guys. Be Safe. Call 911 if you see an Indian guy approach you.

I Dream and They Live

“Don’t compare yourself with others.” We hear this wisdom passed on to us everyday. “Appreciate what you have” “Don’t look into others’ plate” and all that shit. You heard me right SHIT.

You have brain . Like good brain. You can analyse what is wrong , what is right . You can decide what you want. So you have formalise your dreams, goals. Your ideal life. And then you CAN’t seems to get it. You are being DENIED because you are in QUEUE. Let’s face it what you want is what everyone want. So WAIT and WAIT. You know you are getting old. You know “Ideal” life is pretty useless if you go bald or you don’t have teeth. You are sick of this wait.

Now you are on LinkedIn/ FB, Instagram or whatever social fuck you prefer . And there you see what ? Your IDEAL life . Yes exactly you dreamed of. It’s there . It exists. It is possible. BUT BUT I mean REAL BUTTY BUT you are not living it. Someone else is milking it in front of your eyes. SLAM . Now you don’t even have a laptop.

In what way are you expect me to be CALM by seeing what-his-face living my DREAM life. That is like watching Unfaithful all over again. It boils my blood that my dreams are being eaten alive by another human being and I can’t do anything. I am DENIED. How fair is this ?  Everyday I push myself out of the bed through this HELL because I HOPE I will live my dream life. But then I find people living it IN FRONT of my eyes. That is just wrong . That is just horrible.  Why God just end this life & dreams along with it ?  This is so wrong. This is just betrayal. Don’t compare my foot.

Avoid India if

  1. you don’t want to people stare at you incessantly
  2. you don’t want smell urine everywhere
  3. you don’t want to walk on shit
  4. you don’t want reduce your life by 5 years due to pollution
  5. you don’t want to see dirty beaches
  6. you don’t want to see how poor indian lives
  7. you don’t want to see how morality mean nothing and no one gives shit
  8. you don’t want to be treated as White God
  9. you don’t want to be looted in the street
  10. you don’t want to sweat like hell

Go for Australia, Europe, Canada, Singapore , Dubai .  Please don’t come to India. We have our own shit too much actually  to take care of. God gave you good life , thank Him & enjoy that. WILL YOU ?


Forced to choose between worst food everyday

” Indian food is amazing. Spices, taste, colors . Simply wow.”

NO, It’s not.

What you see on instagram or in western countries or in five star hotels or in Maharaja Express is not Indian food. At least not what common people like me have to eat.

No one eats Kadhai Paneer for Dinner. Forget panner we can’t even afford decent quality milk in Tea. Hygiene is not an option for us. We have to choose between ” Wait for hygiene/clean/healthy food & die eventually ” and ” Eat whatever food you get roadside & really hope God would be merciful not giving you fatal disease”. Disgusting feeling I tell you is that.

So ,every morning I wake up hungry and waste my brain power to choose between plenty (i.e. two ) choices  of worst foods . I think which one is going to damage me less & not die before I go to USA. Trust me it is not great feeling. I get angry at God for forcing me through this torture.

Bad breakfast and the day is pretty much ruined. It is not like to “Butter Chicken” wait for me at lunch or dinner. Not at all. Same two worst choices. I hate my life.

I miss my mom’s recipes. She lives in village. She is the best cook I ever seen. The best ever. Now I understand meaning of home-made food. 10 years when I used to live in the village , it was best period of my life as far as food is concerned. But now tasteless food with muddy water.

I wish , like plants, I could do photosynthesis. And this horror permanently. So please for love of God don’t brag about “Indian food”.


Shame on Shallow Feminism.

My questions to feminist :

What is more important equal opportunities for women or “right” to to be topless ?

What is more important equal representation in the parliament or “Hillary”-The liar in the White House?

What is more important respectful & safe condition for women or “change” in Oxford dictionary e.g “bossy” ?

Don’t get me wrong , I am all in for Gender equality. But our so called “feminist leaders” need to get their PRIORITY in order if we want to see any real progress. Some of those have made “career” out of it.Actually , it is “hobby”. Nothing wrong except they don’t give a damn about women, actually they don’t give damn about “middle class & poor” women. Hold on , I think no one weeps for “middle class & poor” women.

When was the last time you see  “feminist” who is poor , ugly , not well dressed on TV ?