If I were God …

then I would have made sure that I get some time to handle humans (“maintenance part”) each day. I would have designed them in such a way that they take compulsory  “pause” to help me to “manipulate” or may be to do some “maintainence” of them.  And if they don’t then “all kinds things” would allow to happen.



The Monk – A New Beginning !

Few days ago I read this a very powerful quote :

What You Think , You Become 

What You Feel , You Attract 

What You Imagine, You Create 

I believe in Law of Attraction. So this quote was nothing new. But the timings could not have been more perfect.

Let me explain.

If you follow my blog then you could have seen that in last couple of weeks my overall writing become more & more negative. Emotions such as anger, rage, sorrow, hate were dominating.  Especially Hinduism, I kept on “negatively” thinking about it. And the universe kept on sending “bad news” to me & added fuel to the fire. It’s like a vicious circle.

Negative attracts Negative. I was precisely doing the same.

I realized this when I went through my blog ” The Warrior” . I didn’t know then why I selected the name ” The Warrior”. May be there is a reason behind everything. I was in India. I come from middle class family background. I come from a country where we fight for basic needs. I come from a country where billions people compete fiercely  each day for reasonable living standard. In that chaos , I was aiming for the sky. So I had no option but to be A WARRIOR. 

But being warrior was not easy. You can’t be weak hear-ted. You can’t be vulnerable. You have to be brutal against anything. You fight. You bleed. You recover. You fight. This goes on. Till you win. Which I did. I came here in Germany.

The war is over. But there is no time for celebration because that war was like a trailer of what’s ahead. The real game has just started. An epic actions are unfolding at frantic pace…

Did you see I used bold for “was” ?   Because the warrior is no more. He was needed In India and He did exceptionally well there. He achieved his goal. BUT this is a totally different kind of war. And we need someone else. Someone who is virtuous, positive, calm, gentle etc.

 The Monk

This would be my new blog name. I have deleted all my posts. This is a fresh start. I am really happy about this step. Let’s see how it goes.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day 🙂