Long Distance doesn’t work.

True stories :

  1. A guy from India is in relationship with a girl from India for last 3 years. He comes to Germany. They talk with each other on skype everyday. Then shit happens. He meets a german girl. Now they are together.He dumps Indian girl on one call. End.
  2. A Russian girl has a BF in Russia & Italian guy has GF in Italy. They both arrive in Germany. And instant love happens . Trust me , there is no moral dilemma. Quote, ” We have needs”. End.

God, I love philosophy !

Important if you are pregnant …

if possible have home birth ( Of course safety first ) . Why ?  Have seen how hospitals handle your newborn ? Imagine nurse is having hard time & she accidentally swaps yours with others ?   I wouldn’t take that risk. Imagine how many people are/were there whose life got changed because of carelessness of nurses. Or you could take a picture of newborn immediately.